Can I apply the cost of my 1-day ticket towards the price of a NEW Membership?
Yes. You may apply the cost of your 1-day ticket towards the Membership of your choice. Please note that you must upgrade to a Membership within 30 days of your original visit and you must present your ticket at time of upgrade. NOTE: Complimentary tickets are eligible for a $10 credit towards a Membership while Corporate/Third party seller tickets are eligible for a $50 credit.

If I order a NEW Membership online, how long should I allow to receive it?
When you purchase online, you will receive a Print at Home Memberships eticket to print it out immediately after purchase. Bring this temporary Membership with you to the Park to activate your new Membership. Your Membership will be valid one year from date of activation, not from date of purchase.

If I order a NEW Membership online, when is the Membership activated?
You have 3 months from the date of purchase to activate your NEW Membership at the Park. Your Membership will be valid for 1 year from the date of activation at the Park, not date of purchase.

Do I receive the 1-day complimentary ticket at the same time that I sign up for a Merlin Annual Pass?
Can I use the 1-day complimentary ticket on my first visit?
All Merlin Annual Pass Members receive their 1-day complimentary ticket along with their Membership card inside of Membership Processing at LEGOLAND and the 1-day complimentary ticket can be used during the first visit to the Park by any guest in your party (adult or child).

If I purchase a NEW Merlin Annual Pass, is my parking fee reimbursed on my first visit?
Yes. For guests purchasing a Merlin Annual Pass, Ambassador Membership or Model Mom Membership on the day of your visit, simply bring your standard parking stub with you to Guest Services and your parking fee will be refunded at time of Membership purchase.

Does a child's Merlin Annual Pass still include free parking, even though they are not driving the vehicle?

Yes. As long as your child is in the vehicle, the free parking benefit of the Merlin Annual Pass would apply.

Does everyone in the family have to have the same pass type, i.e. Merlin Annual Pass, LEGOLAND California Annual Pass or Ambassador Resort?
No. You may mix and match your pass types any way you like.

Do you have a family Membership?
No. At this time we do not offer a family pass.

Can two people share a Membership?

No. LEGOLAND Memberships passes are non-transferable and are issued in each members name with their photo. Attempts to use another guest's membership card will result in the permanent confiscation of the Membership pass.