Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a specific answer as to which rides a pregnant person would be able to ride due to varying medical issues with each pregnancy and the differences with each ride regarding the loading and unloading procedures, speed, abrupt stops, amount of twists, turns, etc.

Most coaster type rides post warnings "Not recommended for pregnancy" and although, other rides do not post the same warning, it is always advisable to comply with your doctor's recommendations. The rides in the Park that are not recommended for pregnancy are Sky Patrol, Sky Cruiser, Coastersuarus, BIONICLE Blaster, TECHNIC Coaster, Knights’ Tournament, Dragon Coaster, Splash Battle, Captain Cranky’s Challenge, Fun Town Fire Academy, Beetle Bounce and Kid Power. However, even though the other rides do not post the same warning, there are other factors that may need to be considered such as moving platforms, lap bar configurations, safety restraints, and evacuation routes in case of mechanical malfunctions. 

Being able to fit within the restraints comfortably and safely is a requirement set by each of the ride manufacturers and a key factor for the safety of our guests. Therefore, if the safety belt or lap bar does not secure the rider in the seat properly, you would be asked to exit the ride prior to its start up.

Guest safety is very important to us and we hope that all guests are able to enjoy as much of the Park possible. We value your patronage and want to express our congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new baby.