Interactive Play Areas 

Interactive Play Areas

The new LEGOLAND California Resort Hotel is full of child-friendly features - from secret whoopee cushions and tight-rope walking marching guards through to quirky themed elevators, exploding toy boxes, treasure trails and dragons. Dance your way up to the bedrooms in the character themed ‘disco’ elevator, complete with a mirror ball and flashing lights!

In the atrium a knight’s castle, protected by a giant burping ogre, towers into the clouds. Children can play in a 32-foot high pirate shipwreck that’s bursting through the castle walls and into the river of LEGO. Raise the pirate flag to the sound of canons blasts!

From the spectacular entrance right through to Bricks Family Restaurant, Skyline Bar and Patio Lounge, you’ll find fun LEGO elements everywhere you look. Truly a child’s paradise!

Children will love: 

  • Interactive LEGO features throughout
  • Play areas
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Themed suites

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