Entertainment Auditions 



LEGOLAND California will be holding auditions for the 2014 Halloween season, known as Brick-or-Treat.
We are looking for dynamic and highly energetic people to portray fun characters in October!



Hubble Bubbles Dance Party: Our resident witch Hubble Bubble teams with some fun characters to dance along with our young guests. This interactive dance style show features tons of freestyle dancing with kids and the chance to teach kids choreography and dance along with them.

Boo Crew:  Our Boo Crew Entertainers delight crowds on the stage and the street throughout LEGOLAND. These acts have lots of improvisation time and create an atmosphere of fun for our guests! We are casting Scarecrow improv performers and experienced emcee.

Ghost Cruise: Our Coast Cruise attraction will be re-themed to Ghost Cruise where a tour guide will take our guests on a “not-so-scary” monster themed scavenger hunt, featuring Heroes and Villains from the popular LEGO Monster Fighter toy line.

Wanda’s Jellyfish Disco: Taking place at our Sea Life Aquarium, the brand new show will feature a puppeteer with a Jellyfish called Wanda and her team of two dancers. Wanda hosts the fun as she interacts and does freestyle dancing with kids.

Pirate Face Character: Sea Life Aquarium is looking for a strong pirate actor to do improv and interaction with kids for Brick or Treat.

Understudies: Select performers who are cast in Hubble Bubbles Dance Party, Ghost Cruise and as Scarecrows will be asked to understudy for other Brick or Treat shows in the park.


All auditions take place at LEGOLAND California. You must enter via the employee entrance.
Please see directions below.

All auditions take place August 18th or 19th starting at 6:00PM by appointment only. To schedule an audition appointment, please email auditions@legoland.com

Please note the audition emails are not monitored daily and it may take a few days to respond. For all roles, please prepare two (2) 30-second comedic monologues which show diverse characters. Maximum audition time cannot exceed 1 minute.





Callbacks take place at LEGOLAND California. You must enter via the employee entrance.
Please see directions below.

  • Callbacks Hubble Bubble’s Dance Party and Wanda’s Jellyfish Disco take place Sunday, August 24th at 6:00PM
  • Callbacks for Boo Crew and Ghost Cruise performers take place Monday, August 25th at 6:00PM



From Interstate-5 exit Palomar Airport Road and head EAST.
Drive about 4 blocks to The Crossings Drive and turn LEFT (NORTH).
On the left hand side of The Crossings Drive is the Employee Entrance to LEGOLAND California.
 Please park in the visitor section and walk to the security gatehouse.
You will be escorted to the auditions from there.



$20.00 per hour for performances and $14.00 per hour for rehearsals and training for all positions except the Emcee.

Emcee pay rate is $25.00 per hour for all performances and $14.00 per hour for all rehearsals and training.


To see the full production calendar, please click here

Character Breakdown

(The number at the end of the description denotes the number of positions available for that particular role)

Ghost Cruise:

The characters from Ghost Cruise are based on the LEGO© Monster Fighters series. These characters will lead park guests on a tour of our Ghost Cruise scavenger hunt. The Heroes will be out to defeat the Evil Lord Vampyre, while the villains are trying to help him conquer the world. Keep in mind that the villains should have human characteristics that won’t frighten our young guests.

Dr. Rodney Rathbone (Hero) (1 Male): The leader of the Monster Fighters. Confident and heroic.  Rodney is an aristocrat and explorer. Can use a British Accent with refined speech and dialect. Leading Male type (Think characters from the Indian Jones era)

Jack McHammer (Hero) (1 Male):  A member of the Monster Fighters. Jack is all about his brute strength. He hails from Scotland and could use a Scottish accent. Jack is rugged and tough. (Think Braveheart)

Major Quinton Steele (Hero) (1 Male):  A senior member of the Monster fighters, Major Quinton Steele is hunter (Think Hunter Van Pelt of Jumanji).  The Major is from Africa and is old fashioned.

The Crazy Scientist (Villain) (1 Male):  The only character in the series who is not a monster, The Crazy Scientist is a mixture of insane and genius. He loves hearing himself talk and lives to serve the evil Lord Vampyre and his own methodical purposes.

The Swamp Creature (Villian) (1 Male or Female):  The Swamp Creature only serves evil because he was never accepted due to his odd looks. He is quite intelligent and very quirky. Could be played as a stereotypical nerd or socially awkward and dry.

Hubble Bubbles Dance Party (An interactive dance party):

Hubble Bubble:   (1 Female) Hubble Bubble is a cool, young witch with some awesome dance moves. She will act as the host of the dance party and should be able to give clear instructions and keep the crowd pumping. She will dance and interact with the kids all night (4 hours). She needs to be energetic, encouraging, fun and GREAT at interacting with kids. Even the wall flowers should be dancing! Strong improvisational skills a plus.

Dancers (5 Male and Female): Highly energetic dancers proficient in Hip Hop and Jazz. Must be able to freestyle dance with Kids for hours at a time. Strong desire to work with kids is a must! We are looking for the ability to dance and interact with kids. Have a great stage presence and a strong personality. 


The Boo Crew operates multiple functions of the Brick or Treat party nights. They act as show hosts, general entertainers, character actors and guest service ambassadors throughout the park. Two members cast as Boo Crew will be trained as understudies for Mail Order Monsters.

Scarecrows (Male or Female ages 16 and up): Strong character actors with equally strong, family friendly improvisational skills. Must be able to turn bullet points into full character bits. Will provide directions and general information to guests in a humorous fashion. Able to interact with guests, in character, while maintaining strong humor.  (2 One Male and One Female) (The Female scarecrow will understudy the Female roles in Mail Order Monsters and should be available for rehearsals for that show. The Male Scarecrow will understudy the male roles in Ghost Cruise and should be available for those rehearsals).

BRICK-OR-TREAT Party Nights Emcee ( 1 Male or Female): Stage Host. Host of the costume contest with improvisational skills. Good microphone vocals and strong stage presence needed. Able to effectively  communicate with concise instructions to guests in an entertaining manner. Experience as an Emcee is preferred.

Wanda’s Jellyfish Disco

The puppeteer for Wanda will be a female face character underwater explorer that carries around a jelly fish puppet called Wanda.  This underwater explorer should be a good dancer, fun, energetic and great at interacting with kids.  She will also need to have the ability to play two characters at once since you will voice the Wanda puppet while out on set as this underwater explorer.  We do not require ventriloquism for this position, but any puppet experience is a plus.

The 2 dancers for Wanda’s dance party will need to be strong dancers that have the ability to play a character.  These characters will be ocean themed and will be dancing at the Jellyfish disco all night (4 hours). At certain points throughout the night they will teach children a choreographed dance for kids to learn, so these dancers need to be confident in interacting with children.  Teaching experience is not required, but is a plus.

Pirate Face Character

The Pirate face character will be a walk around position for Sea Life Aquarium.  This should be a strong, fun, energetic actor who is confident in interacting with children.  There is no scripted moments for this positions as it is all improv with children.