Water Park FAQ 

Water Park FAQ


Can we visit just the Water Park without going into LEGOLAND?
No, the Water Park is only accessible through LEGOLAND. Therefore, you must also purchase an admission to LEGOLAND in order to access the Water Park.


Does a Water Park ticket need to be used the same day as LEGOLAND?
Yes. The Water Park is only accessible through LEGOLAND, so it must be used on the same day.


Is admission to the new LEGO CHIMA Water Park included in regular Water Park admission?
Yes, admission to the new LEGO CHIMA Water Park is included with the Resort Hopper ticket and the Water Park Hopper ticket. You can upgrade a LEGOLAND only ticket or SEA LIFE Hopper ticket to include admission to the Water Park at Guest Services or at the Water Park entrance.

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How much does it cost to come back a second day with a Water Park Hopper ticket?


It is an additional $20 to return within nine days. Both attractions must again be used on the same visit.



How much does it cost to come back a second day with a Resort Hopper ticket?


It is an additional $20 to return within nine days. Both LEGOLAND and the Water Park visits must be used on the same visit.




Do Toddlers (ages 1-2) have to pay admission to the Water Park?


Toddlers (ages 1-2 years) are required to have an admission ticket for Water Park entry ($5). Merlin Annual Pass Members may bring their toddler into the Water Park for FREE!

Can the SEA LIFE portion of our ticket or Costco Membership be switched to the Water Park instead of SEA LIFE?

No. We do not exchange any portions of SEA LIFE tickets or Memberships for Water Park admission.








When is the Water Park open?


Please visit www.LEGOLAND.com/hours 


When is the best time to visit?


During the summer, we recommend that you plan your visit to the Water Park between 10:00am -1:00pm and 3:00 -closing time to avoid the peak visit time between 1:00pm - 3:00 pm. Please check Park operating hours at









Are towels available for rent or use?


We do have towels available for purchase at the Water Park, but do not have them available for rent.


Is it possible that any of the attractions inside the Water Park can be closed on any given day?
It is possible for attractions to be closed due to mechanical or technical difficulties, inclement weather (including lightning or heavy rain) and any incidents of fecal discharge. Refunds are not available due to closure of attractions for any reason, however we make every effort to ensure the attractions are open for our guests enjoyment.

Please be considerate of other guests by taking your children on frequent bathroom breaks and checking their swim diapers often. It is required that our little guests age three and under wear swim diapers.


Are strollers allowed?
Yes, you may bring in your strollers. Designated stroller parking is not available.


Can we bring outside food and beverage?
You may bring any outside food and beverage that has been purchased inside LEGOLAND. You may not bring food from outside of the Park.


Can we bring coolers?
No, you may not bring any coolers of any size inside LEGOLAND or the Water Park.


Is there an area to lay down towels and sit?
We provide lounge chairs for our guests on a first-come first-serve basis at the Water Park.


Can I bring in my own chair?
No, we provide chairs on a first-come, first-served basis.


Is there shade in the Water Park other than the cabanas?
Currently, there is limited shade available within the Water Park.


Are umbrellas allowed in the park?
No, personal umbrellas are not allowed in the Water Park.

Cabana Rentals


How much do cabana rentals cost?
Download our pricing flyer. Prices vary by time of year.


How do I reserve a cabana?
For advanced non-refundable reservations, please call (760) 438-5346 9:00-5:00 pm PST daily – minimum one day prior to your visit. We are unable to accommodate same day phone reservations and payment is due in full at time of reservation. We offer $50 off cabana rentals after 3:00pm, if available.


How many people are allowed in a cabana?
Cabana fee is for SIX guests (maximum capacity of 8 guests - additional fee $10 per guest).


How many cabanas are available for rental in the Water Park?
Twenty-eight 10'x10' cabanas are available for booking with advanced payment - ideal for shaded privacy, rest, and relaxation for the entire family. View our Cabana Map for a full view of cabana locations within LEGOLAND Water Park. Cabanas 1-12 are best suited for families with children under 42” tall.


What comes with the purchase of a cabana?

  • 2 deluxe chaise lounges
  • 2 seating chairs
  • 2 complimentary towels (Premium Cabanas get 4 towels)
  • 10 complimentary beverages: water, juice, and soda (Premium Cabanas get 14 complimentary beverages)
  • 1 full-size family rental in the Water Park locker area
  • 1 table with DUPLO bricks for play
  • Food service attendant
  • Mini-fridge (No coolers or outside food and beverage other than that purchased in LEGOLAND or the Water Park is allowed)
  • Each paid Cabana guest receives a wristband for guaranteed re-admission to Water Park, including peak attendance
  • Front-of-line-access to Pirate Reef (once per hour, Water Park exit only) as well as unlimited float time on the Lazy River


Is food available to order?
Yes, wait service is available at cabanas and a menu of what is offered at the Beach Front Grill and Beach Front Burger is provided in each cabana.


If I reserve more than two cabanas for a party of more than eight will I be able to get a discount on multiple cabanas?
No, we do not offer discounts in the event that multiple cabanas are rented.


Are cabanas available at the LEGOLAND Hotel pool?


Do Merlin Annual Pass Members get discounts on Cabana rentals?
No. Discounts are not available on Cabanas or locker rentals.

Locker Rentals


Where are Water Park lockers rented? At the LEGOLAND front gate or at the Water Park?
For Water Park-specific lockers, please inquire at the Water Park.
Are lockers secure to store personal belongings?
Water Park lockers are accessed with RFID wristbands, electronically unlocking with a swipe of the wristband in front of it.


How far are lockers located from the water?
Lockers at the Water Park are located across from the DUPLO Splash Safari.


Is the lockers rental rate charged per visit or hour?
The lockers are rented on a per-day rate; we do not offer hourly locker rentals.


Do Merlin Annual Pass Members get discounts on Cabana rentals?
No. Discounts are not available on Cabanas or locker rentals.

Slides & Attractions


Can I wear a wet suit on the slides?
No, wetsuits are not allowed on any of the slides however guests can wear a wetsuit in the pool areas.


How long does it take to slide down the large slides?
All slides take less than 30 seconds to complete.
Can a special needs guest use their floating wheelchair in the Build-A-Raft River?
No, we do not allow floating wheelchairs in the Build-A-Raft River.


Is the water heated?
Yes, the water is heated and pumped at 80° F.


How deep is Built-A-Raft River?
The water in the Build-A-Raft River is 2½ feet deep.


What are the height restrictions for all rides?
Riders must be at least 42 inches to ride Orange Rush, Splash Out, and Twin Chasers. The DUPLO Splash Safari slides require that a child under six years old must be supervised by a responsible adult.


Can children who can’t swim ride the slides?
It is not recommended for children who can’t swim to ride the slides.


What is maximum number of riders on the family slide?
The maximum number of riders at a time on Orange Rush is four.


Is there a water attraction within the Sandy Beach area?
No, there is not a water attraction within the Sandy Beach area.

Swimwear & Accessories


Are rash guards allowed?
Yes, rash guards are acceptable anywhere throughout the Water Park.


Can I wear a wet suit?
No, wetsuits are not allowed on any of the slides however guests can wear a wetsuit in the pool areas. 


What type of swim wear am I required to wear? Can I wear cut offs?
Proper swim wear is required on all attractions. Swim wear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted.


Do you require or allow use of water shoes in the Water Park area?
Water shoes are allowed to be worn in the water park everywhere except on the water slides.


Are swim diapers required for children three years of age and younger?
Yes, swim diapers are required for children three years of age and younger. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the Water Park.


Can we use our own flotation devices for our toddlers?
Only official Coast Guard approved life jackets with associated label attached are allowed. Life jackets are available for use within the Water Park free of charge on a first come, first served basis.
Can I wear swim attire in other parts of the LEGOLAND California Park?
No. We have changing rooms available inside the Water Park. You must be fully clothed while entering and leaving the Water Park, and may not wear just your bathing suit inside of the LEGOLAND Park.

Groups & Birthdays

Can I get a discount on Water Park admission if I have a large party?
No, we do not offer a group discount for Water Park admission.


Do you offer birthday parties at the Water Park?
Currently, we do not offer birthday parties, but we do have cabanas available for rent on a daily basis.


Are birthday cakes allowed in the Water Park?
No, birthday cakes are not allowed in the Water Park.


Do you offer a Membership that includes Water Park admission?
Yes, our Merlin Annual Pass - Premium includes unlimited admission to LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium and the Water Park. Our Merlin Annual Pass - Standard includes admission to LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium and the Water Park, with Water Park admission black out days Friday - Sunday in July and August.


What is the cost to upgrade from a complimentary ticket or Membership?
Any paid or complimentary ticket can be upgraded to include Water Park admission for $30. Members can upgrade at $15 Water Park admission if a current non-Merlin Annual Pass Member or if date of visit falls within a Water Park blackout date within the Merlin Annual Pass Standard membership.


Does the Military Merlin Annual Pass include the Water Park?
Yes. Please visit our Membership page for complete details based on the pass purchased for either the Merlin Annual Pass Standard and Merlin Annual Pass Premium.


Can we add the Water Park to our Membership?
If you have a LEGOLAND California Annual Pass, you may upgrade your membership to a Merlin Annual Pass Premium or Merlin Annual Pass Standard. Please check our Membership pricing to determine full benefits and pricing.


Is there a LEGOLAND Membership admission offer with ticket exchange with The Wave or Wild Rivers water parks this year?
No, this offer is no longer available. 

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