Hearlake City Boutique 

This store offers all things LEGO Friends, as well as souvenirs, apparel, and more!

  • This retail location offers LEGOLAND branded apparel.
  • This retail location offers LEGO System of Play sets.
  • As an added convenience, make sure to take advantage of our Package Pick-up service. All retail purchases made throughout the park can be transfered to the park exit for you to pick up on your way home!
  • This retail location offers LEGOLAND branded souvenirs.

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DUPLO Village

  • Andrea's Dance Pad

    Opens May 21!

  • City Park Creperie

    Opens May 21!

  • Face Painting

    Who doesn't love face painting? There's a little clown in all of us and our skilled artists will help you choose from our many lively designs and then hand paint the colorful image in just a matter of minutes! Our face paint is safe and non-toxic and simply washes off with soap and water. Many of our designs even include glitter and body jewels.

  • Friends Forever Stage

    Opens May 21!

  • Hearlake City Boutique

    This store offers all things LEGO Friends, as well as souvenirs, apparel, and more!

  • Heartlake Fountain

    Opens May 21!

  • Heartlake Stables

    Opens May 21!

  • Mia's Riding Camp

    Opens May 21!


    is Now Open!

    Here's your chance to experience a bit of movie magic as you get a behind-the-scenes look at a real movie set! Step onto our soundstage, check out actual movie footage and explore some of the awesome models which helped inspire the new and completely original 3D animated adventure THE LEGO MOVIE.

    Made entirely of virtual LEGO bricks, THE LEGO MOVIE tells the story of one perfectly ordinary LEGO minifigure named Emmet, who is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant and turns out to be a lot more special than he ever imagined. Emmet is joined by rebel girl Wyldstyle, the wisest wizard Vitruvius and Batman, as they fight to save the LEGO world. You'll be amazed by the details!


    THE LEGO MOVIE © The LEGO Group & Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. BATMAN: TM & © DC Comics. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s14)

  • Wok 'N' Bowl Ramen

    Gourmet Japanese style Ramen House featuring freshly prepared stir-fry dishes like orange chicken and teriyaki. Selection of vegetarian choices as well.