Thunder's Quest 

Thunder's Quest
  • This attraction requires a nominal fee.

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Land of Adventure

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  • Beetle Bounce

    Beetle Bounce boosts children to new heights, nearly 15 feet to be exact, as they are launched up one of two towers nearly touching the gigantic LEGO® beetles above them. Max height 55".

  • Cargo Ace

    Cargo Ace helps imaginations soar as children become pilots as they board one of eight airplanes and fly up to six feet into the air.

  • Dune Raiders
    Dune Raiders, a 30-foot-high attraction, is the ultimate slide experience featuring six side-by-side 50-foot-long racing lanes and a pair of double-helix corkscrews. Dune Raiders is themed in an Egyptian bazaar motif complete with interactive LEGO® models.


    Opens at 12:00pm on days the Park is open.

  • Lost Kingdom Adventure

    A 16-foot tall LEGO® pharaoh guards the entrance to Lost Kingdom Adventure where you begin your journey to recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns. Your score is recorded and competition is fierce as skill and determination are the keys to a successful expedition.

  • Monkey Climb

    Scale a palm tree in Land of Adventure just like the monkey's do! Open weekends only, 12pm - 4pm.

  • Pharaoh’s Revenge

    At Pharaoh’s Revenge, children and parents can fire thousands of foam balls at targets and each other in an oasis of fun.


    Opens at 12:00pm on days the Park is open.

  • Pippin's Bazaar

    Visitors can take a piece of the Lost Kingdom home when they stop by this diverse market. This shop also offers LEGO toys featuring Ninjago and Egyptian merchandise, and your favorite plush.

  • Thunder's Quest